Big Bear Scenic Sky Chair Now Open

14 Jun

One of the first thoughts of people who are looking into booking rental cabins in Big Bear in the summer months is what activities are there for us to do in summer?

One great idea that offers a lot of options for activities as well as great views of the region is to spend a day taking the Scenic Sky Chair at Big Bear Resorts.

The resort converts one of their ski lifts in the summer months into the Sky Chair.  Guests can take the mile-long ride up the mountain ascending from 7,000 feet to 8,200 feet at the top of the Sky Chair.

Once you get to the top you can enjoy a barbeque lunch at the View Haus or spend time hiking and exploring the area on the Mountain Top Trail before descending.  Many visitors opt to hike back down the mountain taking one of the many trails back down.

The Sky Chair is a family-friendly way to spend a day. All ages can ride the Sky Chair from infants to seniors. The speed is reduced in the summer months and the chairs can be stopped at any time for ease in loading and unloading.

The Sky Chair opens for weekend-only service starting May 18th and goes to daily service starting June 16th.  Hours for the Sky Chair are 9 am – 5pm Saturday and 9 am – 4 pm Sunday through Friday.

In terms of summertime activities, the Scenic Sky Chair is definitely one that people will want to have on their list as it offers them a number of options for their entire group.

People who are looking for places to stay in Big Bear, can always look online at Big Bear Luxury Properties for an up-to-date list of available rental cabins in Big Bear for the summer.


Activities to do in Big Bear

13 Jun

Majestic Big Bear Lake has vacation rentals, there are many to choose from. Cabins on the lake with a view that is sure to set a mind at ease. The cabins come in a variety of sizes from a standard 2 bedroom cabins to a luxurious 8 bedroom ranch. Some of the cabins even allow pets to come along on the get away or simply on summer vacation.  Big Bear in addition to having cabins and a ranch to offer for rentals also have several lodges available to rent for special family moments, business retreats,reunions and other events.

With all that they have to offer with their vacation rentals there is plenty of activities to do from fishing, water skiing, boating,  renting a pontoon, kayaking, inner tubing, and many more activities for the summer. In addition to the summer activities there are lots to choose from in the winter as well. Located near a ski resort  vacation rentals are available for winter break as well, hit the slopes and grab some skis or a snow board for some winter fun in the snow.  Either summer or winter the view from the lake and the mountains is simply breath taking and is sure to leave a memorable impression for years to come. Big Bear Luxury Properties is perfect for a honeymoon or even for a wedding itself.  For more additional information on Big Bear Lake and the vacation rentals they have to offer be sure to check out their website or call (888) 866-4618 for reservations.

Treat your dad to the perfect Father’s Day weekend

30 May

A weekend at Big Bear Lake is the perfect way to celebrate Father’s Day. It is the perfect retreat for dads who like to do manly stuff like hunting and fishing, as well as for those who prefer a more tranquil atmosphere.

Cabin Rentals in Big Bear – No matter the visitor’s budget or lifestyle, there are cabin rentals in Big Bear that are suitable for them. If they prefer to spend father’s Day weekend in a more rustic setting, then there are two bedroom pet-friendly cabins available. Kids can spend quality time with dad out on the water, hiking in the woods, or across the table while enjoying Father’s Day dinner.

Father’s day Activities at Big Bear Lake – While at Big Bear Lake, dads get to participate in activities like parasailing, tubing, canoeing and waterskiing out on the open water. They may either bring their own boat or rent one of those available on-property. Those who would rather spend their time fishing have many options with the various types of fish to be found, including rainbow trout, and catfish. Dads who like to golf, too, will face a challenge on the nine holes of the Bear Mountain Golf Course.

No matter the occasion, Big Bear Lake always has something to offer the visitor looking for relaxation and good times with the family. The variety of activities guarantees that no one will leave bored or disappointed. A cabin rented from Big Bear Luxury properties could be the setting for the most memorable Father’s Day yet.

Spring Activities in Big Bear

23 May

Big Bear is one of the most family friendly recreation areas in Southern California.  Close to the city, but in a wonderful mountain area, it is the perfect spot for a fun-filled getaway.  For those looking for a few days away, or even an entire week, renting one of the Big Bear cabins for the family is an ideal way to get away.  As Spring breaks and snow covered mountains give way to warmer days, there are a variety of activities in the Big Bear area.

What is there to do?  All of these are outdoor activities that ware a great way to spend a couple of days.

Cycling – Whether you are a single rider, a couple or an entire family, there are many bike trails surrounding the lake and throughout the area.  With over a couple dozen trails available, you are sure to find the right combination of enjoyment and challenge.

Hiking– All of the trails that work for cycling also are available for hiking.

Off-Road ATV’s– And for those that like getting out on an ATV or other powered vehicle, many of these trails are open as well.

Fishing – The water can be cold in the spring, so special caution is advised if you are on the water.  Nevertheless, the fishing is great as the weather starts to warm and the wide variety of species start their cyclical patterns.  Trout, Bass and a number of other fish are available in the lake and the creeks in the area.

Kayaking – Another way to enjoy the water is to canoe or kayak on the lake and the other waterways.

Spending some time in one of the Big Bear cabins can open up a whole new spring vacation experience.  Contact Big Bear Luxury Properties and choose from one of our many cabin rentals.

Rental Cabins for a Perfect Memorial Day Weekend

16 May


With Memorial Day and the summer season rapidly approaching, it’s time to make plans for that perfect getaway.  Whether you’re planning a romantic three-day weekend or a vacation for the whole family, cabin rentals in Big Bear should top of the list of ideal destinations.

Big Bear has a variety of cabins sure to please everyone.  Some people can’t imagine a cabin without a lakefront view or a boat dock.  For many, no vacation is complete without the family pet.  Others need a connection with the outside world, so internet access is a necessity.  Or maybe a Jacuzzi in the cabin is what makes the picture complete at the end of a great day.  Big Bear has it all.  Concierge services are also available to enhance your stay.  Cabin rentals might once have been considered a rustic choice, but it’s clearly not that way anymore.

Cabin rentals in Big Bear open up world of recreational opportunities.  For those who love biking, golfing, boating, fishing, hiking and more, Big Bear delivers.  With world famous biking trails, Big Bear should please even the most seasoned rider.  Golfers can enjoy nine holes with the mountains as a gorgeous backdrop.  The whole family can play miniature golf; ride go-karts, or the Alpine Slide bobsled.  Big Bear Lake offers boating of all kinds, from jet skis to sailboats.  Those who love to fish can enjoy one of Southern California’s top-rated fishing destinations.  The surrounding forests provide a wealth of trails for hiking, walking, and horseback riding.  For a little more excitement, how about parasailing over Big Bear Lake?

Whether you plan to stay for a long weekend or a month, Big Bear Luxury Properties has the perfect cabin—no matter the size of your party.  Please visit our website to make your reservations today.

Vacationing During the Holidays in Big Bear Cabins

7 May

If you’re planning on going for a vacation during the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, you should seriously consider heading to Big Bear Lake. This is because there’s no other vacation destination that can offer you a lot of activities especially during spring. Apart from the activities available, you can also make the most of your vacation even if you just choose to stay indoors in your chosen Big Bear cabin. With amenities such as a Jacuzzi and internet access, you can stay indoors throughout the whole season or find a new adventure in the great outdoors.

If you’re hoping to get some exercise, you can also join in on the square dancing that frequently occurs in Big Bear Lake. This is a great way you can exercise, have fun, and interact with other people. You can also take this opportunity to have a massage in the spa. It will be the perfect time to do so especially with the pleasant weather around.

On the other hand, if you have kids along with you, there are some activities you can let them enjoy on their own. Big Bear has its own Super Bear Arcade where kids can play their favorite arcade games. You can also go to the arcade and feel like a young kid, especially since there are games from 1975 still available. This is the perfect time to reminisce on your childhood! New card games such as Naruto, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh are also available.

With such activities available, you’ll be sure that your three day vacation in Big Bear Luxury Properties will be an enjoyable one.

Preparing for Summer Camping in Big Bear

25 Apr

Summer is coming nearer and Big Bear has lots of exciting activities for its guests which includes summer camping. Every summer, kids and adults go out to enjoy the heat of the sun and the freedom from all the stress of school and work. Aside from the numerous pleasant vacation and cabin rentals in Big Bear, Big Bear also has various camping grounds where you and your family and/or friends can spend a great camping experience.

Vacation and Cabin Rentals: What You Need to Prepare for Summer Camping in Big Bear?

Summer camping can be easy when you know all the things needed. The things you have to possess first before you leave for your Big Bear cabins are your camping materials. Of course that includes your lanterns, tents, stoves, water, blankets, sleeping bags, survival kits, first-aid kits etc. Also, you have to wear appropriate clothes for this outdoor activity. But after that, make sure that you possess the necessary permits otherwise your camping experience may not happen at all.

Several camping grounds and forests in Big Bear have rules and regulations that are needed to be followed for the protection of the site, therefore permits are necessary. This is particular in camping in the San Bernardino Mountains in Big Bear. These permits include campfire permits, wilderness permits, pinecone collecting permits, and woodcutting permits. These permits are free of charge except for the woodcutting permit. You might also need fishing permits and an adventure pass. Complementary outdoor activities during summer camping in Big Bear add much more excitement. You can go rafting, fishing, or play various sports in Big Bear.

Planning a Wedding in Big Bear – Luxury Cabins Rentals

18 Apr

Getting married? Weddings today are no longer the church-bound occasions they used to be. Couples have the option of having their wedding anyplace they want from the beach, the garden, the lake or even underwater. This is why it isn’t surprising that most people today are choosing the off-beaten track for their weddings. Perhaps somewhere that is far from the hustle bustle of city where the couple – as well as the invited guests – can concentrate on the beauty of the occasion.

One of the most popular wedding destinations today is the Big Bear Luxury Properties. What’s great about this area is that they don’t just stop with providing the right backdrop. Aside from the luxury cabins in Big Bear, the business also provides catering for their clients or even professional chef services. The cabins themselves are equipped with excellent features from a Jacuzzi to firewood deliveries. The service also includes delivery of personalized baked goods and car rental for those who want to explore the area. Couples can literally have the wedding and the honeymoon when lodging in Big Bear.

For those planning their wedding try checking out Big Bear Luxury Properties. This particular vacation spot provides a wide array of services perfect for those who intend to tie the knot. Aside from rental cabins in Big Bear, couples can also enjoy various activities such as boating, fishing, massages and a spa. Depending on the season, Big Bear also provides various excursions in the snow such as snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding. Hence, for those who intend to have a snow-filled wedding, Big Bear is capable of accommodating even that.

Aside for weddings, Big Bear can also accommodate other occasions such as birthday parties, family reunions or high school reunions. Try visiting the to find out more information and plan a long or short stay within the area.

Luxury Vacation Homes in Big Bear

4 Apr

During holidays, everybody takes the time to go out and enjoy. People may choose to go out the country, enjoy the beach or just stay in the local scene and enjoy the nature. For nature lovers out there, the name Big Bear in California shouldn’t be something new. Big Bear Vacation and Cabin rentals offer tourists as well as the locals luxury home rental services for an ultimate holiday vacation.

The Big Bear Vacation and Cabin Rentals is located in the county of San Bernardino in California. The place is a marvelous spot for snowboarding and skiing during the winter season. There are actually two ski resorts—the Snow Summit Ski Resort and the Bear Mountain Ski resort—where adults and children alike can fully enjoy the pleasure of skiing and snowboarding. And when the winter season ends and everything dried up, the whole place is still a place of fun with the other entertaining activities to do such as playing golf and boating.

Big bear cabins boasts on the luxury they provide the customers while at the same time give rates that are less than what people would usually think. There are various kinds of Big Bear cabins customers can choose from. The customers can choose from the numerous lodging units starting with a cozy single person bedroom to a huge six bedroom vacation homes in Big Bear. Aside from the comfortable rustic cabin rentals in Big Bear around the trees and nature, cabins for vacation in Big Bear also include lakefront cabins in Big Bear Lake where people can enjoy the stunning view of the lake along with the trees and other beautiful parts of the nature. Big Bear Vacation and Cabin Rentals also include in their choices of luxury cabins in Big Bear the dog friendly cabins for the customers who include their pet dogs as part of the family. Big Bear cabins with Jacuzzi and access to the internet are also available.

Learn more about Big Bear Vacation and Cabin Rentals by visiting Big Bear Luxury Properties. View the different vacation homes in Big Bear and find out how to reserve vacation homes for the holiday season.

Learning about Nature – Cabins for Vacation

4 Apr

Life in the big city can be taxing with all the lights, noise and people. This is why more and more citizens today are looking for cabins for vacation getaway to somewhere where peace and quiet reigns.

What’s great about these kinds of trip is that people don’t just get away from the noise and pollution but they also learn more about nature. This is the perfect time for parents to teach their kids basic life experiences such as fishing, camping and horseback riding. As a family vacation, it provides a chance for parents and their children to bond while doing different activities. More importantly, it allows the child to be more aware and interested in their surroundings.
What is even better about vacationing in the great outdoors is that it provides the chance for good, clean, physical activity. With most people today viewing the TV or the internet as their main source of entertainment, the chance to work their muscles is really slim. With this kind of vacation however, a person not only feels recharged mentally but also physically.

For those looking for the best place to commune with nature, try checking out cabin rentals in Big Bear. This particular vacation spot is known not only for being surrounded with nature but also for providing various activities for its visitors. Big Bear Luxury Properties offers snowboarding play during the cold season and an alpine slide during the summer. It doesn’t matter when they go, visitors will always find themselves enjoying excursions with nature and leaving behind the toll of the city. With other facilities such as spas, restaurants, internet and shopping options, visitors at the Big Bear will truly enjoy their time and feel refreshed enough to get back to the city. For families, couples or even lone travelers, try checking out various Big Bear rentals to find one that suits their accommodation needs.