Romantic Getaways for Two – Big Bear Rentals

21 Mar

Celebrating an anniversary or perhaps on a honeymoon? Regardless of the reason, couples will always want a vacation spot that can cater to their need to bond with their partner. This is why the Big Bear cottage is currently popular nowadays with couples regardless of their age.

Imagine being cooped up in a cozy cottage with welcome heat coming from the old fashioned fireplace. This is the perfect setting for couples to enjoy each other, perhaps drinking some milk while watching TV. What’ so great about Big Bear is that their service for couples doesn’t stop there. This vacation spot also provides personalized baked goods such as cakes and cookies which can be delivered directly to the door of the cottage.

The luxury cabins in Big Bear also offer excellent facilities which would maximize the comfort of the visitors. What’s even more impressive is that the outdoors is every bit as exciting as the indoors. Couples will have the chance to rent a boat and start exploring the big lake in Big Bear, or perhaps take a picnic at the fringes of the lake. Restaurants and shops are also available for those who want to take home some souvenirs to remind them of their romantic trip. Big Bear rentals offer a wide array of rooms not to mention various services such as firewood delivery and the service of a personal chef.

For those who are still unsure about where to go for Valentine or any other occasion, try checking out Big Bear Luxury Properties. These vacation homes in Big Bear are not only perfect for families but also for couples that simply want to enjoy each other. It doesn’t matter if the date is set during the summer or winter, Big Bear is capable of providing romantic activities regardless of the date of the year.


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