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Weekend Cabin Getaways with Pets

3 Feb

One of the good things about opting for a Big Bear cabin rental is that you can bring your pets with you on your vacation. If you are the type of person who brings your pet along with you wherever you go, finding a pet friendly accommodation is like finding gold in trash. Even though there are now a number of hotels that have started to accept pets, it is still a concept not a lot have welcomed. As such, discovering that such option exists is a true blessing to those who simply cannot bear the thought of leaving behind their pets.

This is one thing you can enjoy when you decide to rent one of the luxury cabins in Big Bear. Because they have realized just how important pets can be, they have decided to provide cabins that allow pets. You’ll find a number of cabins that range according to your budget as well as number of rooms needed. With one of these options, you won’t feel guilty about not bringing your pet with you when you go on a vacation.

If you do plan to bring your pet with you, however, there are some things you have to prepare for. One of the first things you need to deal with is having your pet checked by a vet. Before you bring your pet to a new destination, you need to have him checked for fleas. In addition, you have to discuss certain issues with your vet so you can make your pet’s vacation a comfortable one too. Ask your vet about car sickness or difficulty in sleeping in odd destinations.

You should also make sure that your pet has an identification tag with him at all times. Even if you plan to keep your pet inside the cabin, you’ll get an assurance that he will be returned to you once he runs away and gets lost.

With so many pet friendly cabins available in Big Bear Luxury Properties, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your preference.


Winter Season Activities while Renting a Cabin

30 Jan

When planning to go on a trip with your family this winter season, there’s no comparing to the warmth that a Big Bear cottage can provide you. Especially during this time of the year, you can really make use of the privacy that your cabin will provide you. This will allow you to make the most out of your vacation during winter season. Apart from being able to enjoy your own fireplace, there are a lot of activities waiting for you to explore on.

During winter, you can visit and take advantage of one of the many available rental cabins in Big Bear. This is perfect if you want time away from the city and just be able to ski or snowboard with your family. If you’re the adventurous type, these are the activities you’ll enjoy doing during your stay. On the other hand, you can also choose to just play in the snow if you’re scared of these sports.

For young kids, the Super Bear Arcade and Bowling Barn are available. They will enjoy these two venues and play to their heart’s content. It is also the perfect place for them to meet and interact with other kids their age. Playing Bingo is another activity that can be done during winter time. It will surely help make your kids’ stay an enjoyable one.

While your kids are playing, there’s no reason why you should take this opportunity to have a romantic date with your spouse. You can rent some snowshoes and go for a stroll around Big Bear Lake. If you prefer to have a more intimate date, you can check out the spa for some massages. Another option you can do is bring your date to a fun square dancing experience. There’s surely something for the entire family whether it’s summer or winter at Big Bear Luxury Properties.

Luxury Vacation Rentals at Big Bear Lake

27 Jan

It is known that there are numerous luxury cabins in Big Bear Lake that people can actually rent out for a certain period of time in order to take the edge off. Some people are concerned that these rental cabins in big bear may be a little too expensive for their price range. And this is the very reason why some people just op for the usual cabins and lodges that really do not offer much to visitors and tourists.

Having the all out and one of a kind experience in Big Bear Lake can only be brought about by first contacting Big Bear Luxury Properties. Aside from the right properties, there are also other things that you may want to consider such as its accessibility and location. It is important that the cabins in big bear lake that you find would be as close as possible to convenient stores and other stores that cater to the basic necessities.

Another thought that you may want to consider with these rental cabins in big bear is that they are private. This means that you should look for a property that does not grant access to every single person that passes through. It is also important since you are in a different and unfamiliar location so it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Basically, with all the different luxury vacation rentals in the vicinity it would not be a problem to find a rental home or cabin that is within your required price range. Just make sure to always take note of the different price ranges so that you do not end up getting scammed. Also, before making any finals payments and agreements, double check all the paper work and have it validated. That way you are sure to avoid slip-ups.

The Honeymooners and Big Bear Luxury Accommodation

26 Jan

You are starting a new life together but before embarking on the difficulties and challenges that await you, you go on a once in a lifetime bonding experience. The Honeymoon – to some this is just tradition but to others, this sets the atmosphere of the married life. Some engaged couples put as much heart and cash to this as they would to their wedding. That is why honeymoons must be carefully planned for the utmost enjoyment of the newlyweds.

Big Bear Lake is the perfect honeymoon destination. The couple can do many outdoor activities like swimming, wakeboarding, mountain climbing or touring the lake on the Big Bear Queen. Then, when the time comes to relax, the newlywed can rest in one of the Big Bear cabins. There are a lot of choices for cabin rentals in big bear. There are budget cabins that have the basic amenities and you only have to spend a few dollars to avail them. While for those who enjoy luxurious accommodations, there is a wide range of luxury cabins in Big Bear to choose from. For honeymoons in Big Bear, the cabin to rent is definitely one of the more important considerations. Choose that one that will cater to your needs while at the same time provide a luxurious experience. One of the companies that handle these cabins is Big Bear Luxury Properties. Their cabins are among the best vacation homes in Big Bear. You might even find yourself wanting to stay indoors an entire day and just enjoy their services and amenities like firewood delivery, catering and massage services, or even ask to have your baked goods personalized.

To set the right start for your married life, enjoy each other’s company in one of Big Bear Luxury Properties where a memorable stay is a guarantee.

Weekend Cabin Getaways with Kids

19 Jan

Sometimes, going on a weekend getaway can be quite a struggle. This is particularly true for those who are planning to bring their kids along with them on their winter vacation. Since kids can get bored pretty easily, they start to throw tantrums when things don’t go their way. Because of this, it is really important to find the right destination that can provide kids enough activities that will keep them occupied. This is why there are some who prefer to stay in one of the luxury cabins in Big Bear. Since this destination has a lot of activities to offer, parents are sure to get the rest and relaxation they need.

The good thing about vacationing in Big Bear Lake is that there are so many activities available. Depending on the time you choose to visit, there are a lot of activities that can keep your kids busy. But if you want to be sure that your trip will be worth it, there are some activities that are available throughout the whole year.

You can leave your kids in Super Bear Arcade, where they can find a lot of arcade and card games to keep them occupied. The arcade has games that range from 1975 to the more recent ones. In addition to the arcade, your kids can play bowling in the Bowling Barn. You can even join in on the games your kids play so you can bond with them.

Another reason why you should stay in one of the cabin rentals in Big Bear is they allow pets. So if you consider your pet as part of your family, you won’t feel guilty about leaving them behind when you go on a holiday vacation. You can complete the whole family during your vacation because you don’t have to leave anyone behind.

Always check out Big Bear Luxury Properties for some holiday specials and promos. You just might find a way to save money during your Big Bear trip.

Things to Consider when Going on a Luxury Trip in Big Bear Lake

26 Dec

There are a lot of ways on how you can get the best out of your trip when you intend to get a lot of rest and relaxation. But before you begin day dreaming about how great it is to go on a ski trip to Bear Mountain, Snow Summit or just lounge about in luxury cabins in big bear, you first need to consider several things. Before any trip becomes a reality, there is a need for a certain amount of planning. Making an itinerary, figuring out the route and choosing the right place to stay are only a few of the things you need to take notice of.

Although there are a lot of available cabin rentals in big bear it is always advisable to get the one with the best reviews. You can choose from either vacation homes in Big Bear or just a plain and simple cabin to rent. This would ultimately depend on your preference and the purpose of your stay. Of course, if you intend to get a lot of de-stressing from this trip, it would be best to search for the best luxury cabins in Big Bear.

Looking for Big Bear Luxury Properties is no challenge. Basically, it’s choosing one that can be downright difficult especially when you have no clear idea on what you are going to do. It would be best to get some advice or referral from a friend that has been to the locality before. Getting advice from those that have had the experience to rent cabins for vacation in big bear can give a lot of useful insight. In cases where in you don’t know anyone who has been to the area, try searching for reviews and comments on several cabin and property rentals to gain a better point of view on things.

Big Bear Ski Resorts for the Winter Vacation

19 Dec

The most fun to do during the winter holiday is none other than playing in the snow. Children and adults alike enjoy the playground over the high hills that snow provides everybody during winter. And what makes playing with the snow more fun is the mere existence of ski resorts, where everyone would have ten times more fun with all the amenities and extra activities available. The Big Bear Vacation and Cabin Rentals do not only provide affordably luxurious cottages and cabins for vacation but as well as wonderful ski resorts—the Snow Summit and the Bear Mountain Ski Resort!

The luxury cabins in Big Bear plus the Snow Summit and the Bear Mountain is without a doubt equated with an unforgettable winter holiday vacation experience. You already know how fun it is when you slide over and down the slippery snow with your skis and/or snowboards. Upon staying in Big Bear Vacation and Cabin Rentals, you will find out that the cabin and cottage environment are just as fun as that of skiing and snowboarding. The Big Bear Vacation and Cabin Rentals offer luxurious services and fill in the inside of the Big Bear lodging units and/or Big Bear cabins with equally luxurious furnishings.

What more to love about this vacation and cabin rentals based from San Bernardino, CA is that all of the luxurious services they provide are very affordable. The expenses for lodging in Big Bear are lesser than what would anyone normally expect. That actually makes everything twice the fun.

To learn more about the vacation and cabin rentals of Big Bear, visit the Big Bear Luxury Properties official website. From the website, you can learn so much about the different lodging options and services that will make you enjoy every minute of stay in the vacation homes in Big Bear.

Are there any Luxury Vacation Rentals in Big Bear Lake?

15 Dec

Planning a trip to Big Bear Lake and not knowing where to stay? Worry no more since there are numerous options to choose from. Rentals in Big Bear do not only consist of typical cabins and lodges but there are also much more luxurious properties that you can opt for. Some vacation homes in big bear feature rich and impressive settings.

Being away from the city life does not necessarily mean that you need to rough things out. There is still a way to live luxuriously even on a vacation in Big Bear Lake. You can try looking for luxury cabins in big bear. The great thing about it is that you do not need to actually visit the area just to go hunting for the right accommodations. Most of reservations are usually done online and payments are transferred through electronic banking. This is a bit of an advantage since it saves the hassle of having to take a day to go and meet realtors to see some of the vacation homes in big bear.

Do not be discouraged if at first all you see are the typical cabin rentals in Big Bear. There are a lot of different options that can cater to different budget requirements and lifestyles. Of course most of the big bear luxury properties usually have a higher asking price than that of other rentals.

So if money is really is not a concern and you have a fairly large budget, why not go all the way and rent the best and most luxurious vacation home you can find. By doing so, you can really maximize your time in Big Bear lake while living like a king. Remember that going on a vacation is to remove your stress and what better way to take your mind of off things than with the most luxurious vacation experience.

Weekend Getaway in Big Bear

15 Dec

Looking for the best vacation and cabin rentals for a weekend getaway? Search no more because the Big Bear Vacation and Cabin Rentals is your answer to experience the perfect accommodations for you and your family or your friends. The vacation homes in Big Bear come in so many different types between the lines of a lakefront cozy home and a rustic and warm Big Bear cabin.

The Big Bear Vacation and Cabin rentals provide lodging services and other amenities for customers staying from 2 to 30 days. Aside from the vacation homes in Big Bear and Big Bear cottages, condo rentals in Big Bear are also available. The price range of the Big Bear rentals varies according to the lodging type. Although everything, from services to amenities, would seem quite luxurious, the price is lesser than people would think.

The vacation homes are cleaned thoroughly before customers arrive. Just like hotels, fresh linens and towels are also provided together with a Welcome Basket for you. Moreover, if you come together with your pet dogs, your dearest pet will also receive a Welcome Basket of its own. Special dog-friendly cabin rentals in big Bear are available for the customers who bring with them their pet dogs.  

In Big Bear Vacation and Cabin rentals, not only fine services are there to await you but as well as fun activities there are to do such as skiing and snowboarding at one of the two ski resorts located in Big Bear (Bear Mountain and Snow Summit), playing golf, renting a boat and then exploring the waters of the Big Bear Lake, etc. Hiking is in the Big Bear forest and taking pictures of the stunning sceneries up high on the hills are also fun activities never to be missed.

The Big Bear cabins promise to give its customers the most comfortable feeling wile they are away from home for either a fun weekend getaway or for a business trip. Being highly praised, the Big Bear Vacation and Cabin Rentals promise to maintain the outstanding service they provide. Learn more about Big Bear by visiting Big Bear Luxury Properties.

Rental Cabins in Big Bear: A Hit for Vacationers

9 Sep

More and more people take a trip to Southern California and get rental cabins in Big Bear Lake. They love to hike the majestic mountain surrounding the area, take a boat trip, swim in the lake and cap the day with a comfortable sleep in a cabin or cottage. They would rather rent cabins in Big Bear Lake and enjoy the tranquility and their privacy than stay in the usual crowded hotels that have many visitors.

Big bear rentals are more beneficial as they are less expensive. If a family goes to a hotel and gets a room for each member, this will be costly. Getting a Big Bear Cottage with many rooms will save money. Having a cottage is also convenient because one can do anything he or she wants without disturbing other people.

Cabins for vacation in Big Bear can also come in different sizes, depending on the requirement of the vacationers. A cabin or cottage will allow a person to cook inside as it has its own kitchen facilities whereas a hotel room does not have a cooking area. Household chores can be done in the cabin such as laundry and ironing.

If a family has plenty of kids, the ideal cabin to be rented is that of the medium size as it has three or four rooms. Kids will really love the adventures they can have while in Big Bear Lake such as visiting the animal park, which has a zoo, guided tours, gift shops and special programs. The kids will also enjoy the Discovery Center, which offers interpretive programs for free. These programs have trained guides who will let the kids explore the wilderness and nature of Big Bear Lake. There is also a museum in the area where they would be able to learn the colorful history of the city.

A trip to Southern California will be more fun with exclusive and secluded lodging in Big Bear and the outdoor activities the city has to offer.