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Snowshoe Tours at Big Bear Discovery Center

24 Feb


It’s winter time already! The Big Bear Discovery Center has something exhilarating for its visitors to experience and that’s none other than a snowshoe tour! Aside from the fine Big Bear vacation and cabin rentals, snowshoe tours are also something to be excited about. Many have loved Big Bear Snowshoe tours because of the wonder it gives when you become one with the nature during winter. But for those who still don’t know, what happens during a snowshoe tour in Big Bear?

Snowshoeing was once a regular fun activity during the winter snow but is now considered a winter sport. Going around the open country in winter time with the snowshoes on is one of the most relaxing and fun ways to make the most of out of your Big Bear vacation and cabin rentals adventure. The serenity of nature will be felt through the picturesque sceneries views of the Big Bear Lake, the mountains, the forest and through the presence of life when you see all the birds, squirrels, beavers, raccoons and even bald eagles. The snowshoe trails are friendly to both beginners and experts.

Snowshoeing does not require special equipment but proper outfit should be worn for your safety. When you leave your Big Bear cabins or Big Bear cottages for snowshoeing, you should be wearing the proper layering of clothes to protect your body from the harms of the cold weather. You can rent snowshoes or skis in the numerous sports shops scattered in Big Bear.

For a much more fun Big Bear vacation and cabin rentals experience including the snowshoe tours, Big Bear Luxury Properties can be just the right solution for you. Big Bear Luxury Properties offers great packages which include luxury cabins in Big Bear and other rental cabins in Big Bear that can suit your family and/or friends’ taste so well.


Big Bear Lake First Polar Plunge – March 10

20 Feb


One of the most awaited events in Big Bear this year is the first ever Big Bear Lake Polar Plunge! This event will be held on the 10th of March this year and the event would actually benefit the Special Olympics athletes of Inland Empire Region. You can start searching now for your vacation and cabin rentals in Big Bear and prepare your best condition to join in the fun during the Polar Plunge.

Polar Plunge is actually done in many parts of the world already but this is the first time for the sport to be held in the frigidly freezing Big Bear Lake. Southern California trippers as well as families and friends shouldn’t miss this exciting event. During the Polar Plunge, the plungers go into the freezing waters of the Big Bear Lake and try to find out how deep they can go. Most plungers can only stay in the water for seconds while others can manage to stay in for minutes.

For fearless and daring men, women and even children out there, Polar Plunge is indeed something exhilarating to join in. Organizers are encouraging everyone to participate in the event for a good cause of raising funds to support the beneficiary athletes with intellectual disabilities. An amount of fifty dollars ($50) will be collected from the participants who wish to challenge themselves of the Polar Plunge. The fifty dollars can be raised through the help of families, co-workers and friends. The participants will also get a Polar Plunge T-shirt. The participants who choose to stay out of the water instead of plunging will be registered as “Chickens” and will be given T-shirts with a statement “I’m Too Chicken to Plunge”.

Big Bear has numerous choices of vacation and cabin rentals where the participants can prepare before the event and then relax afterwards. Rates for the rentals in Big Bear are readily available and can be even found online. For more information on lodging, vacation and cabin rentals in Big Bear, visit Big Bear Luxury Properties.

5th Annual Snow Shoe the Bear

17 Feb

On the 25th of February the annual event of Snowshoe the Bear will again challenge the Big Bear trippers out there to enjoy the remaining days of the winter season. The most popular event in Big Bear is perfect for all kinds of snowshoers, from totally novice snowshoers to the expert ones. This unique annual event has been joined in by many families and group of friends who have found immense enjoyment in it all because of the sun, the trees, the chats, the exercise and the challenge itself of completing either the 5k or 10k courses of the Snowshoe the Bear event.

But before you try to join in this activity, it is highly recommended to learn first about the vacation and cabin rentals in Big Bear. Numerous Big Bear cabin rentals are located near the ski resorts and finding the best one for you won’t be so difficult. Each of the big bear rentals can provide you with above satisfactory comfort with a soothing atmosphere. Moreover, the big Bear cabins are equipped with the necessary items and amenities for a great vacation and cabin rentals experience. Choosing your lodging and accommodations in Big Bear can already be fun because of the numerous choices, from simple and decorative Big Bear cottages to stylish vacation homes in Big Bear and luxury cabins in Big Bear.

With a nice choice among the Big Bear vacation and cabin rentals, the whole family can truly join in the fun during the 5th annual Snow Shoe the Bear event with high levels of energy. Before the fall season starts in March, completing the Snowshoe the Bear and maybe getting a trophy and a cash prize for the event would surely be one pleasant memory to think about in the days to come. You can learn more information about rentals in Big Bear by visiting the website of Big Bear Luxury Properties.

Vacationing in Style with Luxury Vacation Rentals

13 Feb


If you happen to be looking for a cabin to rent for your next vacation, there are surprisingly a lot of options to pick from. Sometimes, even with just the click of a mouse button, you are able to find one. There are a lot of different locations that offer different kinds of fun-filled experiences but if you are looking for something unique and luxurious you may want to try luxury cabins in big bear. For most people, going on a vacation and renting cabins in big bear lake is something to look forward to.

With all the different activities that you can try in Big Bear Lake, California you will surely look forward to coming to the area more often. Being in touch with the wilderness does not always mean that you need to rough it in the great outdoors. You can look for vacation homes in big bear that offer the best rest and relaxation that the region has to offer. Remember that not all cabin rentals in big bear offer similar accommodations so it is extremely necessary that you look for one that can cater to your specific needs.

Basically, if you plan to go to a trip up in Big Bear Lake, make sure to have your accommodations reserved beforehand. There are numerous cabins and lodges to choose from that it can be tiring to visit each one to check which have vacancies. Also, making reservations prior to arrival ensures that you can get the most out of your trip without having to feel stressed or frustrated.

Most of the rental cabins in big bear have either an online site you can visit or a phone number that you can call. So there really is no excuse to not make advanced reservations. Making sure you have the right accommodations ensures that you get the requirements that you need and that all the services are up to par.

Vacation in Big Bear Cabins

10 Feb

Vacations are always fun! And for the lovers of the nature and the outside scene, an impressive vacation would be having to stay in a very nice cabin located in a peaceful wilderness together with the Mother Nature with the fun activities just waiting at the doorsteps. The Big Bear Lake Luxury Vacation Rentals located in California offers just the thing and for less, which one may not actually expect.

The Big Bear Lake Luxury Vacation Rentals provide its customers a wide variety of lodging units that are all more than satisfactory when it comes to service, amenities and everything else. The Big Bear cabins aren’t called luxury cabins for nothing. Most of the vacation homes in Big Bear are equipped with several features for the customers to enjoy which include a fully furnished kitchen, towels and linens, a television set and DVD/media players, cables, awesome designed fireplaces, washer and dryer, propane BBQs etc. Other more luxurious vacation homes in Big Bear include a Jacuzzi, a pool table, a poker table, and a boat dock.

The views from the homes are breathtaking as well as the outside activities waiting just when the people go to the other side of the doors of their Big Bear cabins. The Big Bear Lake Luxury Vacation Rentals has two ski resorts for the whole family or group of friends to enjoy during the winter months. These two ski resorts are the Snow Summit and the Bear Mountain ski resorts. When the winter is over and the snow is nowhere to be found, the Big Bear Lake Luxury Vacation rentals is still a wonderland with the boating and golf playing activities. Customers can rent boats and explore the lake or they can go up the hills and play golf while looking at the stunning sceneries everywhere.

Find out more about the Big Bear Lake Luxury vacation rentals by visiting the official website of the Big Bear Luxury Properties. All other details on the vacation rentals in big bear and guest services they provide are all found there.

Things to Look at While Planning Last Minute Getaways

6 Feb

Quite often, there are some instances where people find themselves in the mood to have a vacation. Even though it is generally recommended to prepare enough time for planning a big trip, there is no denying that spontaneous getaways are mostly fun too. If you are planning on spending a weekend in Big Bear Lake, be sure to check out the vacation homes in Big Bear. Instead of renting an expensive hotel room, you can actually feel at home when you stay in these types of accommodation.

Before you rush off to packing your clothes, one of the first things you need to check is your budget. Given, of course, you have enough money to go on vacation. You can check out the website of Big Bear to look at the available cabin rentals in Big Bear. There are a lot of cabins available and you can choose the right cabin depending on your preference—including the number of rooms, price, and features. In fact, there are some cabins that allow pets inside. Also, there are some cabins that have their own Jacuzzi—perfect to spend some quality time with your loved one.

Another thing you may want to consider on your trip is checking out some promos and specials being offered. This way, you get to save money on your spontaneous trip. Depending on your timing, you can get a discounted nightly rate on your reserved lodging in Big Bear. They also have welcome packages for people who have a reservation with them. This is a great way you can make the most out of your spontaneous vacation. The next thing to do is look forward to your vacation away from the city!

If you’re in serious need of some R&R, you should check out Big Bear Luxury Properties. Whether it’s summer or winter, there’s a lot in store for you!

Weekend Cabin Getaways with Pets

3 Feb

One of the good things about opting for a Big Bear cabin rental is that you can bring your pets with you on your vacation. If you are the type of person who brings your pet along with you wherever you go, finding a pet friendly accommodation is like finding gold in trash. Even though there are now a number of hotels that have started to accept pets, it is still a concept not a lot have welcomed. As such, discovering that such option exists is a true blessing to those who simply cannot bear the thought of leaving behind their pets.

This is one thing you can enjoy when you decide to rent one of the luxury cabins in Big Bear. Because they have realized just how important pets can be, they have decided to provide cabins that allow pets. You’ll find a number of cabins that range according to your budget as well as number of rooms needed. With one of these options, you won’t feel guilty about not bringing your pet with you when you go on a vacation.

If you do plan to bring your pet with you, however, there are some things you have to prepare for. One of the first things you need to deal with is having your pet checked by a vet. Before you bring your pet to a new destination, you need to have him checked for fleas. In addition, you have to discuss certain issues with your vet so you can make your pet’s vacation a comfortable one too. Ask your vet about car sickness or difficulty in sleeping in odd destinations.

You should also make sure that your pet has an identification tag with him at all times. Even if you plan to keep your pet inside the cabin, you’ll get an assurance that he will be returned to you once he runs away and gets lost.

With so many pet friendly cabins available in Big Bear Luxury Properties, you’ll be sure to find one that fits your preference.

Winter Season Activities while Renting a Cabin

30 Jan

When planning to go on a trip with your family this winter season, there’s no comparing to the warmth that a Big Bear cottage can provide you. Especially during this time of the year, you can really make use of the privacy that your cabin will provide you. This will allow you to make the most out of your vacation during winter season. Apart from being able to enjoy your own fireplace, there are a lot of activities waiting for you to explore on.

During winter, you can visit and take advantage of one of the many available rental cabins in Big Bear. This is perfect if you want time away from the city and just be able to ski or snowboard with your family. If you’re the adventurous type, these are the activities you’ll enjoy doing during your stay. On the other hand, you can also choose to just play in the snow if you’re scared of these sports.

For young kids, the Super Bear Arcade and Bowling Barn are available. They will enjoy these two venues and play to their heart’s content. It is also the perfect place for them to meet and interact with other kids their age. Playing Bingo is another activity that can be done during winter time. It will surely help make your kids’ stay an enjoyable one.

While your kids are playing, there’s no reason why you should take this opportunity to have a romantic date with your spouse. You can rent some snowshoes and go for a stroll around Big Bear Lake. If you prefer to have a more intimate date, you can check out the spa for some massages. Another option you can do is bring your date to a fun square dancing experience. There’s surely something for the entire family whether it’s summer or winter at Big Bear Luxury Properties.

Luxury Vacation Rentals at Big Bear Lake

27 Jan

It is known that there are numerous luxury cabins in Big Bear Lake that people can actually rent out for a certain period of time in order to take the edge off. Some people are concerned that these rental cabins in big bear may be a little too expensive for their price range. And this is the very reason why some people just op for the usual cabins and lodges that really do not offer much to visitors and tourists.

Having the all out and one of a kind experience in Big Bear Lake can only be brought about by first contacting Big Bear Luxury Properties. Aside from the right properties, there are also other things that you may want to consider such as its accessibility and location. It is important that the cabins in big bear lake that you find would be as close as possible to convenient stores and other stores that cater to the basic necessities.

Another thought that you may want to consider with these rental cabins in big bear is that they are private. This means that you should look for a property that does not grant access to every single person that passes through. It is also important since you are in a different and unfamiliar location so it is better to be safe rather than sorry.

Basically, with all the different luxury vacation rentals in the vicinity it would not be a problem to find a rental home or cabin that is within your required price range. Just make sure to always take note of the different price ranges so that you do not end up getting scammed. Also, before making any finals payments and agreements, double check all the paper work and have it validated. That way you are sure to avoid slip-ups.

The Honeymooners and Big Bear Luxury Accommodation

26 Jan

You are starting a new life together but before embarking on the difficulties and challenges that await you, you go on a once in a lifetime bonding experience. The Honeymoon – to some this is just tradition but to others, this sets the atmosphere of the married life. Some engaged couples put as much heart and cash to this as they would to their wedding. That is why honeymoons must be carefully planned for the utmost enjoyment of the newlyweds.

Big Bear Lake is the perfect honeymoon destination. The couple can do many outdoor activities like swimming, wakeboarding, mountain climbing or touring the lake on the Big Bear Queen. Then, when the time comes to relax, the newlywed can rest in one of the Big Bear cabins. There are a lot of choices for cabin rentals in big bear. There are budget cabins that have the basic amenities and you only have to spend a few dollars to avail them. While for those who enjoy luxurious accommodations, there is a wide range of luxury cabins in Big Bear to choose from. For honeymoons in Big Bear, the cabin to rent is definitely one of the more important considerations. Choose that one that will cater to your needs while at the same time provide a luxurious experience. One of the companies that handle these cabins is Big Bear Luxury Properties. Their cabins are among the best vacation homes in Big Bear. You might even find yourself wanting to stay indoors an entire day and just enjoy their services and amenities like firewood delivery, catering and massage services, or even ask to have your baked goods personalized.

To set the right start for your married life, enjoy each other’s company in one of Big Bear Luxury Properties where a memorable stay is a guarantee.